Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Pictures

On the 4th of July we went to a parade in Chesapeake with some friends. It was hard to find a parade around here and this one wasn't all that great. They had games at the park following, but we didn't last very long because it was crowded and crazy. We really missed our small town Alamo celebration!!

Another day we all went to Chick-fil-a dressed like cows. They were giving away free food and we were bored. Crazy, right? Here are my two little cows.

Ali turned FOUR!

Ali turned 4 on the 15th. She was really excited about her birthday and choose to go to breakfast and watch a movie at the theatre across the street. Ali got lots of fun things for her birthday and it has been nice to have a few new toys around here since we didn't pack much.

Later that day we had a princess party with all the little girls that are out here with APX. They made princess crowns, ate cupcakes, and played. Lots of fun!

This is Ashlyn eating a cupcake "her way".
We waited for Rob to get home that night before Ali blew out her candles so this is her at about 10:30 0r 11:00 p.m. What a day!


  1. Cute pics! Way to go on the B-day cake - it looks great. Benjamin wnats a Mack cake (hopefully I can pull that one off) Glad you guys are enjoying your time out there.

  2. wow sweet cake!! the girls are growing up check ash out eating her cup cake she cracks me up..

  3. I thought about Ali on the 15th, and was going to call and I can't believe the day and now 2 weeks has nearly gone by and we still haven't called! Then miss Sarah...Happy belated birthday to you. I hope you had a great day.

  4. Oh my gosh! I just miss you guys so much. I cant believe it, but it really seems like the girls have grown up in the last few months. Good work on the cake! It looks great. Love ya

  5. Sarah, Your kids are beautiful! I am excited to get to know them again. We miss you guys!

  6. Why am I not your blog buddy? You need to add us!! Or we wont be friends anymore!

  7. Fancy cake!!!!! What beautiful princesses!!! I can't believe how much they have grown this summer. Hope to see you guys soon!!!