Friday, February 11, 2011

Cold Cheeks!!

My girls love to play outside in the snow and beg to play even when the temperature is way below freezing. Last week I gave in and bundled Ali and Ash up and let them go out in 10 degree weather. I know, I know...that's too cold, but I'm a sucker and we were all going crazy inside. They only lasted about 10 minutes and when they came in Ali was crying, not because she was too cold, but instead because she had just recently learned about frost bite.  She couldn't feel her cheeks, so she was sure she had it, which also meant that her cheeks would turn black and fall off. She was completely distraught and not easily convinced that the numbness was temporary and her cheeks were there to stay.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

South Dakota

Alright everyone!! Here is my long overdue update that you have all been asking me for, but don't get used to it cuz it probably won't happen again for a very long time. So much has happened since my last post that I don't even know where to begin. I guess I will start with our move, even though at this point, it is old news.

We moved from Cedar City to Vermillion, South Dakota in August 2010 with the help of the Olsen family and Malcolm. It was a long drive but the girls did incredibly well considering they were in a car for 3 days. We had two flat tires on our trailer, but other than that it was pretty much uneventful, which was good. Here's a picture of Ali and Lexie eating popcorn off the ground while Rob changed a tire.

Our arrival in South D was super muggy, mosquito infested and we felt somewhat homeless with only a temporary place to stay. However, the small towns here have really grown on us despite the fact that the rivers run in the wrong direction and it is always either too hot or too cold. A local decribed the weather here as a tropical summer and a artic winter. After being here about 6 months I would have to agree.

Rob, Aliya, and Ashlyn all had their first days of school at the end of August. Rob started law school, Ali started Kindergarten, and Ashlyn started Pre-school leaving me and Lexie at home wondering what to do with ourselves. The girls love school and both of them are doing great. Ashlyn has learned to write her name and Ali is learning how to read. Here are pictures from their first days of school.

Lexie has also had some firsts...she took her first steps and has said her first little words here in South Dakota. Right now she is a big time daddy's girl and quite a wild little women.

The girls all dressed up for halloween, and got a whole bunch of candy.

My mom, dad, and sisters Amy and Mary came to visit for Thanksgiving. I can't explain how excited my little girls were to see their Grandma Kris, Papa Champ and their aunts.

We experienced our first blizzard in the beginning of December. It was crazy-amazing to watch the snow fall in a whole new way than anything I'd ever seen before. Let's just say the snow doesn't come down and lay nice and peacefully on the ground like it does in Utah. I could spend alot of time explaining the snow, but I will spare you and just say you will have to experience it for yourself to know what I am talking about.

Christmas came to us here just like it does everywhere else. We had a great Christmas and then spent the New Year in Davenport, Iowa with Steve, Tammi, Scott and the boys. It was so good to be with family. While there with them, we went ice skating and drove across the Mississppi river.

We are settled in here, staying busy, and looking foreward to the summer. We are not sure where or what we will be doing then, but one thing I know for will be warmer!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Baby is 8 Months Old

Lexie is 8 months old today and I can't believe it! She is growing up too fast. She is just starting to crawl, she waves and claps, and has two teeth. She loves to be outside and loves to play with her sisters. She sleeps good at night, but would rather stay up during the day when things are going on. She is so sweet and happy most of the time. We love this little girl!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up!

It has been awhile since I last updated so I am catching up on the last few months. In February Ashlyn turned 3. For her birthday we went swimming at the city pool and had a little party at Grandma Tripp's. I have decided that I love age three. She has become a little sweeter, a little happier, and a little better at listening. I love this little girl!
We also went ice fishing in February. I hate to admit this, but I have always hated fishing so adding snow and cold to that really ruins a day. This day however, really wasn't that bad. We left most of the fishing to dad and Grandpa Tripp so Ali, Ash and I spent our time sledding, ice skating, and snacking. Beats fishing any ol' day!
In March we went to Alamo for a few days. We all love to visit Alamo. The girls love swimming at Little Ash, riding Babe and the 4-wheeler, playing with cousins, and running around with Grandma and Grandpa. Just this last weekend Lance graduated from SUU so alot of the fam was in Cedar City. Here is a picture of me and two of my sisters, Milly and Angie.
And here are Lexie, Kobe and Jace playing outside......and one more of Dax and Ashlyn swinging.
I am so glad that spring is finally here. At least for today anyway. Who knows what tommorrow will bring, maybe more snow. Ali and Ash are loving it outside, which sure makes my life easier too. Rob is busy working in St. George and as always he is still fixing things up at our house. I have started working out really hard...trying to loose a little baby weight. It's not going too well though cause I actually gained 4 pounds instead. Yikes! On a more positive note Lexie is a little sweetheart. She is sleeping good, loves eating baby food, sucking on her toes (thanks to Aunt Anne) and giving slobbery kisses. She is sitting up now too...except for when she has tipped over. Her sisters think she is the best thing ever and they STILL can't get enough!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I have had several people ask me for more pictures of Lexie so here they are. She is almost 3 months old now and starting to be a really good baby. She smiles alot and is just beginning to laugh. She has the cutest pouty face that helps me enjoy her even in the bad times. I think she looks like a combination of her two older sisters. She has blue eyes like them both and a little wave to her hair like Ali. Ali and Ashlyn love to hold her and help do all the mommy things. Are all girls naturally born mommies? She was blessed two weeks ago here in Cedar at the Rock Church. Thanks to all of you who made it. I love blessing days. Babies look so sweet all dressed in white.

This one is a picture of Lexie with Grandma and Grandpa Higbee. She is grandchild number 8.

Here is the pout caught in a picture.

This is Lexie all bundled up.