Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up!

It has been awhile since I last updated so I am catching up on the last few months. In February Ashlyn turned 3. For her birthday we went swimming at the city pool and had a little party at Grandma Tripp's. I have decided that I love age three. She has become a little sweeter, a little happier, and a little better at listening. I love this little girl!
We also went ice fishing in February. I hate to admit this, but I have always hated fishing so adding snow and cold to that really ruins a day. This day however, really wasn't that bad. We left most of the fishing to dad and Grandpa Tripp so Ali, Ash and I spent our time sledding, ice skating, and snacking. Beats fishing any ol' day!
In March we went to Alamo for a few days. We all love to visit Alamo. The girls love swimming at Little Ash, riding Babe and the 4-wheeler, playing with cousins, and running around with Grandma and Grandpa. Just this last weekend Lance graduated from SUU so alot of the fam was in Cedar City. Here is a picture of me and two of my sisters, Milly and Angie.
And here are Lexie, Kobe and Jace playing outside......and one more of Dax and Ashlyn swinging.
I am so glad that spring is finally here. At least for today anyway. Who knows what tommorrow will bring, maybe more snow. Ali and Ash are loving it outside, which sure makes my life easier too. Rob is busy working in St. George and as always he is still fixing things up at our house. I have started working out really hard...trying to loose a little baby weight. It's not going too well though cause I actually gained 4 pounds instead. Yikes! On a more positive note Lexie is a little sweetheart. She is sleeping good, loves eating baby food, sucking on her toes (thanks to Aunt Anne) and giving slobbery kisses. She is sitting up now too...except for when she has tipped over. Her sisters think she is the best thing ever and they STILL can't get enough!


  1. Your girls are so cute. I wish you lived here. You look great, I don't see any baby weight that needs losing!

  2. Glad to hear you are still alive - the kids are little cuties! Um' you were here in March, huh?! I thought you were going to stop by?!

  3. Oh sar, those pics are priceless. I love the one of the girls laying on eachother. How did you manage that? My boys would be biting, pulling and kicking. I have to keep some distance in there. But so darling and I also think you look great my dear. PS thanks for posting that pic of me Ha Ha!

  4. Cute pics!!! Your girls are as cute as ever. I'm with you on the day of ice fishing.... I don't mind fishing, but I HATE the snow and cold, so I've never attempted snow fishing. I'm glad the day turned out well though!

  5. Your kids are SO cute! I would love to see you sometime soon! Hope all is well, your family is so cute!

  6. OH I love your little girls!!! Wonderful pictures. The one at the very top of Ash and Ali is great. I am excited we get to hang out Tuesday.

  7. Your family is so beautiful! I love all the pics. Someday we'll have to get together. It's been way too long.

  8. Dang, my comment didnt work!
    Basically, your kids are cute and you should update more often so we can see what you're up to!
    And Ash is so big now! I think about her a lot since Myla is her age (Va Beach) now...
    Jealous of the potty training. I dont know if it'll happen this summer.