Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Last of Virginia

I am finally getting around to posting some of our last pictures from Virginia. They are really random but I guess that is what you get when I don't keep up on my blog. This is a picture of Ali at East Beach. It is in the Chesapeake Bay so the waves are smaller, there were a lot less people, and more weird things like jelly fish. Ali spotted one in the water and Ashlyn ended up with little bites on her from the larvae. At least that is what we were told.

Here are the girls posing for a picture and I am impressed because they are both smiling. This is Ashlyn at the pool with a flower that she picked off one of the trees. I couldn't seem to convince her that they were better left alone. The poor trees are probably still working hard to make up for the damage she did to them while we lived there.

Here is another pool picture of some of the kids we swam and played with all summer.
This is a picture from the duck pond across the street from our apartment, definitely before I looked very pregnant.
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit the begining of September. We were lucky to get them out because grandma gets sick and hates to fly. After they missed their first flight I figured there was no way they would really come, but surprisingly they made it. We took them to the beach where Rob and grandpa tried to catch some waves. We also toured the USS Wisconsin Battleship, and visited First Landing where John Smith and his crew landed. Grandpa, of course ended up flipped around, not knowing which way was east or west, so luckily I had it figured out by this point.

Here is Ashlyn with her "Papa" who has trained her to call him Papa Champ.
This picture makes me laugh. Ali must have touched something unbecoming, but Ashlyn has it going on.
I only have two pictures from First Landing. The first one is good...just Ali and Ash in a hut. The second one however is my big booty helping Ashlyn potty in the woods. Yipes. Why would I post such a thing?

Okay, I am finally done posting pictures for now. I still have a few from our trip to D.C. but that will have to be another day. This last picture is at the airport just before we boarded the plane to fly home. What a LONG day but we made it!


  1. Awesome butt pic - I posted a butt pic of Ben and Jake on my blog this morning. They look like little beach bums - no pun intended!

  2. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at Ali in the pic with the glasses on. I can totally see her thinking something was gross, she is so cute!! I can't wait until we are all feeling better and we can come see you and my little cute neice!!